PerceptATandT in 2015

Hello Everyone,

2015 promises to be an innovative, creative, informative, research driven, and inspirational year here at PerceptA Therapeutic and Training Center, LLC. We have many exciting things to look forward to this year:

The ACA Conference in March, and the AATA Conference in July; posts by experts in the field of counseling and psychology; interviews conducted with prominent professionals in the counseling field; supervision resources for counselors, and therapists looking to use art in their work with clients- particularly clients of color; and resources for graduate/doctoral students, especially during the dissertation portion of the process.

We are also interested in research.

What are your contributions in the larger context of the counseling psychology literature? We would like to hear from you! Special attention will be given to multicultural and social justice issues in counseling.

We continue to honor the fact that mental health should be treated and respected, much the same way as other medical issues.

 Thank you,

~The PerceptA Team

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The power of love, friendships and compassion.
The power of love, friendships and compassion.