Staving off the Isolation of Private Practice

After spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and friends, I found that I was dreading coming back to my fairly new, and relatively isolated private practice. I knew that I had to find a way to tap into my resources, and add richness and value to this awesome field and career choice I had worked so hard to achieve. In addition, I wanted to find opportunities to grow my business. So, today, I made a list of things that I needed to do. Here they are:

  1. Create or join a support group for mental health professionals who are in private practice. Specifically, start a meet-up group of mental health professionals in private practice, for support and resources.
  2. Get in touch with former classmates, professors, and mentors, who provided such valuable support to me in the past, and who could certainly provide a source of strength and empowerment, during these beginning stages of private practice and the inevitable uncertainty that goes along with such a time.
  3. Keep attending continuing education courses, but also look to network with other mental health professionals during those times, and talk about the services I offer, and discuss any opportunities for collaborations in any area.
  4. Be more actively involved in my professional associations. Contribute to professional journals, offer own expertise and professional experiences through presenting at seminars and trainings.
  5. Start preparing for the opportunity to present at one or more of the annual professional conferences. All to help stimulate my intellect, contribute to the field of mental health, and provide exposure to my business.
  6. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure! Use every opportunity to tell the community about what my business is about, including offering free trainings at local churches and community centers.

Wow! I have lots to do! I hope this list is helpful to others in private practice. If you are in the Baltimore area and would like to join a meet-up group for mental health counselors in private practice, please contact me @ 443-992-1796. Also, if anyone has any other ideas, let me know. Thanks.

~Chioma Anah