Dr. Deidra Sorrell | An Interview with Dr. Anah (Series 1, Episode 8)

“This beautiful woman is wonderful! Dr. Sorrell talks about Imposter Syndrome, and her experiences during her doctoral journey. Thank you so much for everything that you do, Dr. Sorrell.” – Dr. Chioma Anah

About Dr. Sorrell:

Dr. Deidra A. Sorrell is a licensed professional counselor, licensed clinical supervisor, and certified school psychologist. She is the founder of Synergy Wellness Therapeutic Services where she provides individual counseling to children, adolescents and adults in the Charles County, Maryland area. As a veteran school psychologist, Dr. Sorrell served 18 years as a school psychologist with DC Public Schools before committing to full time private practice. Given her research interests in workplace bullying, Dr. Sorrell provides interactive workshops on the Ethical Implications of Workplace Bullying to mental health professionals through the CE-YOU professional development corporation. Dr. Sorrell’s research interests on racism and diversity led her to write children’s books on diversity including “The Germ: How to Talk to Children about Racism and Diversity”, which is for sale on Amazon.com. Dr. Sorrell is also the host of “On Purpose Radio” through Elifemedia.net, which is a monthly internet radio show highlighting various issues that impact the mental health of African Americans. As a wife and mother of two, Dr. Sorrell is committed to the mental health and wellness of children and families starting in her home and beyond.

Dr. Latasha Hicks-Becton | An Interview with Dr. Anah (Series 1, Episode 7)

Dr. Latasha Hicks-Becton

An Interview with Dr. Anah #DrAnahInterviews: Black women deserve all their love, recognition, and respect- All. Their. Flowers. We amplify Black women Doctoral voices, and celebrate their works in academia, and the community.

“Dr. Latasha Hicks-Becton, you were fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, journey, obstacles and triumphs. I am so grateful for your contribution to this series. Someone listening to this segment and going through the PhD journey will learn so much from your experiences. Thank you so much for your time and brilliance!” – Dr. Chioma Anah

Dr. Lenese Stephens | An Interview with Dr. Anah (Series 1, Episode 6)

Dr. Lenese Stephens

An Interview with Dr. Anah: Black women deserve all their love, recognition, and respect- All. Their. Flowers. We amplify Black women Doctoral voices, and celebrate their works both in academia, and the community.

“Dr. Stephen is amazing, and doing wonderful things with making mental health more accessible to vulnerable communities. She truly was a joy to interview. Dr. Stephens talks about some of her obstacles along the path of getting her doctorate, and she also shares about the importance of God in her life, her ‘doctor tribe’ and exercise; as important ways she coped with the stressors of getting her doctorate. Such a lovely woman! I wish you continued success in all that you do, Dr. Stephens! Thank you so very much for your time and grace.” -Dr. Anah

About Dr. Stephens:

Dr. Stephens is a native of Alexandria, Virginia attending the well known TC Williams High School (the movie, “Remember the Titans is a movie about her high school and how they addressed sports segregation).   All of her honorary degrees were received from George Mason University and Argosy University with her doctorate research focusing on the quality of life for overweight African American women in higher education. Outside of her identified research, she received many awards to include Counselor of the Year, Top 40 under 40 recognition, Black Excellence awards to name a few. She has been featured on essence.com speaking about the mental health of black women during the current COVID pandemic, various publishing materials discussing the importance of remaining a form of daily exercise throughout times of high stress and to address any mental health symptoms.

With becoming a well competent mental health counselor in 2019, after years of attending spin classes at her local gyms in Maryland she opted to be brave and secure her spin certification.  This achievement is very close and special to her given our culture’s perception and understanding of what health and fitness is to be.  With this certification she is now one of her area’s first plus size spin instructor.

Dr. Stephens is a woman who believes in having a spiritual foundation along with assisting people reach their highest and fullest desires of their heart. She is a voice for the voiceless, a cheerleader for those needing the encouragement and is always open to educate others! Her spiritual faith is an important factor that adds to the overall quality of her life, along with exercise and enjoying time with friends and family…oh and shopping (*smiling*)!


Dr. Kizzy Pittrell | An Interview with Dr. Anah (Series 1, Episode 5)

Dr. kizzy Pittrell


An Interview with Dr. Anah: Black women deserve all their love, recognition, and respect- All. Their. Flowers. We amplify Black women Doctoral voices, and celebrate their works both in academia, and the community.

“Dr. Pittrell, is simply amazing! We talk about Imposter Syndrome (It still amazes me that the most competent people are the ones that have doubts about their own abilities, whilst…unqualified folks have all the confidence). We talk about her obstacles during her doctoral journey (deaths and healing). Dr. Pittrell is brilliant. We also talk about her businesses, and all her contributions in mental health to the Black Baltimore community. Thank you so much for your time and work, Dr. Pittrell!” – Dr. Chioma Anah

About the Guest, Dr. Pittrell:

Dr. Kizzy Pittrell, Ed.D. is a graduate of Argosy University, Washington DC from the Counseling Psychology program. Dr. Pittrell received her Masters of Counseling from Towson University and Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Bowie State University. Dr. Pittrell is a Licensed Professional Counselor, an Approved Drug and Alcohol counselor, a Master Addiction Counselor, and an Approved Clinical Supervisor in Maryland. Dr. Pittrell has worked in the community sector providing mental health and addiction counseling and treatment to adults and adolescents for 15 years. Currently, Dr. Pittrell is owner of Ross Counseling, a private practice providing therapy to individuals, families and couples and manages a community mental health facility in Baltimore. More recently, Dr. Pittrell along with her husband opened a psychiatric rehabilitation program in Baltimore county called Strengthening Families Building Communities. In addition, Dr. Pittrell has conducted several discussions and trainings related to grief, trauma, COVID, and effective ways to cope with mental illness. Dr. Pittrell is passionate about educating the community about mental health and reducing the stigma of mental health. In her spare time Dr. Pittrell loves blogging, spending time with family, reading and she is certified Zumba instructor. She is also an author of a children’s book about maternal depression.

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Dr. A’tasha Christian | An Interview with Dr. Anah (Series 1, Episode 4)

Dr. A’tasha Christian


An Interview with Dr. Anah: Black women deserve all their love, recognition, and respect- All. Their. Flowers. We amplify Black women Doctoral voices, and celebrate their works both in academia, and the community.

*This interview was taped the day after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and Vice President, Kamala Harris*


“Whew…Dr. A’tasha Christian is a tour de force, I tell you! Brilliant, introspective, perceptive, insightful, and just knows what’s going on. Dr. Christian was my Teaching Assistant when I was an adjunct professor at Argosy University, Northern Virginia campus. She was brilliant then, and she’s continued her brilliance today. This interview was taped the day after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and Vice President, Kamala Harris (first woman of color to be elected in that position). I think we had both gotten a much needed full night of sleep, we were excited about the possibilities of a new dawn, an improved America, that was invested on All its People, and the plight of those marginalized and oppressed. We talked. We went deep. The Force that is Dr. Christian, did not disappoint. What a Truthteller, what a brilliant woman! Please, watch the whole interview, don’t miss anything. Thank you so much, Dr. Christian for sharing the day after an historic event with me- we are bonded, sis. Thank you for your wise words…truths…and triumphs. You are brilliant, Dr. Christian!” -Dr. Chioma Anah


Dr. A’tasha M. Christian graduated from Morgan State University in 2003 with a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology.  She then received her Master’s in Criminal Justice from VCU.  Dr. Christian obtained her M.A. in Professional Counseling in June 2013 from South University – Richmond and her Doctorate of Education in Counselor Education and Supervision from Argosy University, Northern Virginia in August 2017.  She is an LPC in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Christian has 15 years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults with a myriad of diagnoses such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma and addictions.  Dr. Christian’s clinical work is based largely in the community, especially within marginalized communities.  Presently, Dr. Christian is employed as a Director of Operations for a community-based mental health agency, and is an adjunct faculty.

Her research interests include intersectionality and diversity, intergenerational trauma and treating and advocating for communities of color and other marginalized communities. Dr. Christian served as a member of the American Counseling Association’s Cultural Encounters Task Force and has presented nationally and locally.  Additionally, Dr. Christian is the President of the Virginia Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development and is also an active member of the International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors.

Dr. Christian is an avid supporter of culturally-sensitive treatment for marginalized communities and believes in the importance of intentional inclusivity to ensure that communities that are often overlooked are heard.

Dr. Janelle Cox | An Interview with Dr. Anah (Series 1, Episode 3)


Dr. Janelle Cox, Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling, College of Education, Bowie State University

An Interview with Dr. Anah: Black women deserve all their love, recognition, and respect- All. Their. Flowers. We Amplify Black women Doctoral voices, and celebrate their works both in academia, and the community.

“The reasons why I’m doing these episodes are really to give Black Women Doctorates in counseling psychology, counseling education, the mental health field, art therapy, art education all their deserved love, recognition, and respect- their flowers, as well as amplify their voices and give them a platform to share their stories. Black women are awesome. Black women are great. Black women are powerful. This interview in particular, was one of great joy. Dr. Cox was one of my Teaching Assistants (although I incorrectly call her my intern during the interview), when I was an adjunct professor in the counseling psychology program at Argosy University, Northern Virginia. Dr. Cox was fantastic then, and I knew that she would soar to great heights- which she clearly has- I’m so proud of her! Not only does she drop some pearls of wisdom in this interview, but she shares a few glorious surprises. Thank you for all you do, Dr. Cox! You’re simply, wonderful. Oh…One more thing…Please, do not touch a Black Woman’s hair, unless you’ve been invited to do so.” – Dr. Chioma Anah

Dr. Janelle Cox is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), and Board Approved Clinical Supervisor in the State of Maryland.  Dr. Cox has her Master of Arts in Community Counseling and Doctorate of Education in Counselor Education and Supervision. Dr. Cox has experience working with children, adolescents and adults with a myriad of diagnoses such as  bipolar, depression, anxiety, ODD, ADHD. Research interests include home-based counseling, social justice/advocacy, HBCU students, public policy/legislation, African American women’s issues, and qualitative research methods. Dr. Cox currently serves as a Co-Chair of the CSJ Social Justice Curriculum Taskforce, Committee Member of the ACA Public Policy Committee, Ad Hoc Review for Counselor Education and Supervision Journal, Editorial Board Review for The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, and International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling.
E Care Behavioral Health Institute- Presenter: https://www.ecarebehavioralinstitute.com/

Dr. Sherritta Hughes | An Interview with Dr. Anah (Series 1, Episode 2)

Dr. Sherritta Hughes

Dr. Sherritta Hughes: Twitter: sherrittahughes | IG: docwellness21 | Owner: CESD LLC (CE Provider-NBCC) | Podcast: Counselor Ed Lectures

“One of the dopest woman and educator took time out from a busy life to chat with us about how she’s helped clients navigate through these devastating time during the pandemic. Dr. Hughes also talked about her PhD journey, including experiences with racial microaggressions. She also gives advice to those who are considering the PhD path. What a generous and gracious woman, and someone whom I’m lucky enough to call my friend. All your flowers, Dr. Hughes! Thank you so much for all you do in academia, and the community, to amplify Black voices.”- Dr. Chioma Anah

An Interview with Dr. Anah: “Amplifying Black women Doctoral voices, and celebrating all their work both in academia, and the community.”

Please watch full video here:

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Sherritta Hughes is a licensed mental health counseling practitioner and approved clinical supervisor. She is a clinical director at a private practice that focuses on holistic treatment for clients who have experienced trauma and life issues related to cultural identity and wellness. Relative to practicing, her specialty areas revolve around multidimensional wellness, identity development, healthy self-concept, and meaning. Dr. Hughes is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Counseling at Georgian Court University, in Lakewood, NJ. She teaches a host of courses for the GCU Clinical Mental Health curriculum, is the CACREP liaison, and dedicates time on campus to the EOF program and to the CMH students seeking to be active in state and national counseling associations.

Dr. Hughes is a graduate of Morgan State University, Alabama A&M University, and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Over the last ten years Dr. Hughes has started has actively addressed social justice advocacy, participating in community outreach in NJ, DC, and Baltimore.

In terms of practice, she uses an existential and wellness orientation. And in her teaching, she brings real life narratives into the classroom

As Dr. Hughes is also the 2019-2020 Immediate Past President of the New Jersey Counseling Association, and past president of Maryland’s and New Jersey’s multicultural counseling divisions, her leadership is behind the scenes, building relationships between members and colleagues, making and creating connections, and breaking up the status quo through engagement, action, and inclusion.

Dr. Lakesha Roney, Ed.D., LPC. | An Interview with Dr. Anah (Series 1, Episode 1)

Dr. Lakesha D. Roney, Ed.D., LPC
Amplifying Black woman Doctoral voices, and celebrating all their work both in academia, and the community.
 “It was such a pleasure interviewing Dr. Lakesha Roney; we give her all her flowers during this interview.
I was her Doctoral Chair during the last part of her dissertation process. During this interview, Dr. Roney spoke candidly about ways she was coping with Covid-19, her doctoral journey/path, her struggles during this journey, defending her prospectus while pregnant, the challenges of caring for a son with special needs, and her advice to anyone hoping to pursue a doctoral path. Hint…Just wanting to be called “Doctor” is not a good enough reason to pursue a doctorate.” – Dr. Chioma Anah
Please listen to the full interview here, like and subscribe-

*Please note: Argosy University no longer exists, and hence, the counseling psychology program mentioned in this interview.
Dr. Lakesha Roney is a native of Dinwiddie County, Virginia and graduate of Dinwiddie High School. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Virginia State University, Masters of Education in Counseling from Virginia State University, and a Doctor of Education Counseling Psychology Concentration in Education and Supervision from Argosy University. She has been Licensed Professional Counselor in the Commonwealth Virginia since 2005 and Registered Supervisor for LPC, LMFT, LSAPT, and CSAC.
Dr. Roney is the owner of a private practice Inner Self Counseling and Consultation LLC since 2007. Inner Self offers a wide variety of outpatient counseling services, consulting, trainings, and clinical supervision. She is also the Executive Clinical Director at HYPE Counseling Services where she helps with growth of clinical and program development. In her role, she assess what the clinical and program needs are for the agency and determine how to make them work more efficiently, improve quality, and increase revenue potential. She also provides clinical supervision for residents in counseling and interns.
Her professional experiences include: outpatient and inpatient case management and psychotherapy, residential therapy, administrative and clinical supervision, clinical management and directing within community and higher education settings, non-profit settings, faculty member, licensure supervision, training/ workshop development and facilitation, curriculum and policy development, accreditation in higher education setting, serving as chair and member of multidisciplinary teams and task forces, as well as consulting.
Currently Dr. Roney serves as the Chapter Chair of the Virginia Counselors Association (VCA) where she is able to assist in carrying out their mission to promote the counseling profession by supporting, empowering and advocating for the diverse needs of all counselors in Virginia.
In her spare time, Dr. Roney enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Especially with her son who is her pride and joy. She also enjoys entertaining at home, home decorating, attending wine festivals and concerts, event planning, and baking special occasion cakes.

Equity in Mental Health- Panel Discussion Facilitated by UWCM & ELU

“It was an honor to be invited on October 29, 2020, to a panel focused on the important topic of equity in mental health. Discussion focused on the role systemic racism & discrimination play in barriers to mental health quality of care and access to BIPOC people. We also highlight ways to dismantle attitudes, institutions, and structures that are barriers to equity in mental health. Many thanks to United Way of Central Maryland- Emerging Leaders United.” -Dr. Chioma Anah

Moderated by ELU’s own Ashley Fennig Marshall, the event featured Dr. Chioma Anah, Ed.D., ATR, LCPC, NCC, ACS, Founder & CEO of PerceptA Therapeutic & Training Center, LLC and board member of Pro Bono Counseling, Amy Greensfelder, LMSW Executive Director of 211 partner, Pro Bono Counseling Project, and S. Vanessa Howard, MA Clinical Education/Coordinator.

PerceptA Therapeutic Official Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

 PT&TC, LLC Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

PerceptA Therapeutic & Training Center, LLC condemns the murder of George Floyd, and the many other Black men and women who have been subjected to the brutality of police violence. We reject Systemic Racism, Anti-Black Racism in any form, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Protesters, Black Lives Movement, and any Organization that is dedicated to eradicating Anti-Black Systemic Oppression.

We also recognize that Anti-Black Racism is a public health crisis; that causes physical health complications, mental health trauma, and other mental health issues in Black communities. The cornerstone of PerceptA Therapeutics’ work has been to be a force for change by addressing Anti-Black Racism, Social Justice Advocacy & Racial Microaggressions in the lives of clients, their families, and communities.

We will continue our culturally competent counseling practices for all diverse and marginalized clients, and in our trainings with potential counselors and therapists. PerceptA Therapeutic honors and supports all the Social Justice Activists working to end Anti-Black Racism.

Dr. Chioma Anah

Founder/CEO PerceptA Therapeutic & Training Center, LLC

PerceptA Therapeutic Official Statement on the Murder of George Floyd- June 6, 2020